Our website collects your cookies to provide us accurate statistics which are then analyzed to target Marketing. None of the data collected is to be sold for any third-party company. It is meant to be used internally only, and for Marketing purposes


  1.  The customer will be given 5 days extra after the due date to proceed with the payment. Failure to pay will lead to termination of the service. Our company is therefore not liable for any data loss or financial losses by the customer.
  2.  Any Dispute/Chargeback raised by the customer will end on a $20 administrative billed to the customer due to lose inquired by us.
  3. We currently dont have any money back or refund policy in place. We suggest trying our services for few months if your unsure of your decision.
  4. We can change any policy without any notice.


Our servers run automated tools to scan the files uploaded by our clients, however, we do not manually scan the files in order to protect the privacy for our clients. The following conditions apply:

  1. Our services are meant to host clients websites,  illegal content such as Warez, Torrents, Pornography, Casino/Gambling, Political contents is completely forbidden. And your account will be terminated without any refund with a chance of  taken legal action and the action will be reported to the authorities. 
  2.  Hacking, SPAM, Anonymous Proxies, Investment Websites, SpamIndexing (Blackhat SEO and related), DDoS Attacks, TOR any related activity is illegal within our network.
  3. Mass Emailing is NOT tolerated in our network. IP Blacklists may be charged a $40 fee per IP blacklisted.
  4. Our company is NOT responsible for any data loss. We recommend our clients to create period backups for the files.